Dear Central NJ Chapter Alums and Friends:

The Board of The Central NJ Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association is deeply saddened by the recent allegations against past and present Penn State officials. If the allegations are proven true, these actions are reprehensible and run counter to everything we believe Penn State has stood in its more than 150 years of service to students, alumni, communities, and families.

As a board, our primary concern today is with the alleged victims of sexual assault and abuse. Our thoughts are with them and their families. Like all members of the Penn State community, we are shocked and outraged at the charges that have come to light, and we fully support efforts to bring both justice and healing.

We are the local chapter for the larger Penn State Alumni Association and have faith in the entire University community and the judicial process. Attached is the Alumni Association's initial statement that can also be found on their website (www.alumni.psu.edu).

Our respect and devotion for Penn State is bigger than any one individual or group of individuals. It is based on a long and proud history that dates to 1855. Now more than ever, the members of the Penn State alumni family need each other. We need opportunities to talk, share, shake our fists, cry, and even cheer together, and we will do so with great sensitivity toward others around us. We will gather not as a loyal blind following but as an enlightened Penn State family redoubling our encouragement to others to succeed with honor.

We respect that all of you have your own feelings and opinions about this complex situation. Please reach out to us if you think it will help. You can email me at katie.dunn26@gmail.com with your feelings and your thoughts.

It will take time, but the facts will come out. Until that time, remember you’re a part of a larger family here.

For the glory,

Katie Dunn
’91 Marketing
President, Central NJ Chapter